The author of this Blog, The Fourth Space, is a business man, a Christian, a Sunday School teacher, a Deacon,and a student of God’s Word. The Holy Bible.

Over the years, we have had many breakthroughs and insights into an array of topics that people have difficulty with understanding or accepting. Some of the “lessons learned” in helping others think through these topics include a) using modern, understandable, words to teach the topics; rather than valid, but not easily understood, Biblical terms, b) leading with a powerful overview explaining the motivation, goal, and plan of the Bible Story, and c) always,always focusing not just on a Godly mandate/commandment/requirement; but focusing primarily upon the clear and powerful, gut felt reasons for it. People don’t like to just be given rules. They like to hear and understand the reasons for them. Also, they are then much better prepared to be able to explain the rules and reasons for them, to other people.

In the first three Posts in this Blog, we will address three powerful prerequisites to all of the following Posts. Later Posts, will address individual Topics that are of critical importance.

Next Steps…

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